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DOGS, the Doubles of the Garden State, is the premier tandem bicycling organization in New Jersey. We engage in two principal activities: riding and eating. (Sometimes both.) You know, "Ride to eat, eat to ride." Guests are welcome to join us. Try us out! Although we have members in neighboring states, our members live primarily in the Garden State, and rides therefore get scheduled throughout the state. Our organizational structure is minimal, as are our costs.

Join Us!

Join the menagerie!!!! For years tandemists from NJ have had to sit on the sidelines, watching as all of those CRABS, WABITS, TOUCANS and other assorted animals rode happily together down their local highways & byways. Well, now you can join that happy zoo as tandemists from throughout the area have joined forces and formed NJ's first tandem club. The Doubles Of the Garden State are the latest group to climb aboard tandeming's proverbial ark. If you ever wondered whether New Jersey had its own tandem club for you to ride with, socialize with and just have fun with, you need look no further, because you have just found the home page of the DOGS. New Jersey's own tandem club.

Why Join?

Why, indeed. We don't have nifty membership cards. (Well, thanks to Mike Fabricante, we actually do have nifty name badges, which we sometimes remember to wear when appropriate.) We can't offer you discounts for anything. We're just a very casual group of like-minded folks who enjoy riding tandems together.

Our annual dues are so low ($10), there's no point in not joining! In return you'll get access to the mailing list that will keep you abreast of events. The events are an excuse to get together and have fun. Where else can you get a year's worth of fun for $10?

For more information, send email to join@d-o-g-s.org. Or read our spiffy tri-fold recruiting brochure (2.5MB PDF), which summarizes everything you need to know about us. Or, if you're convinced and want to join, download the membership forms and follow instructions on where to send them.

If you need an extra inducement, you can read the New Member Welcome Letter, which contains a bunch of DOGS history and lore.

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Last modified: 10 July 2005